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Posted: 05072010
Author: saithakur
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Article submissions are one of the legal ways of increasing your ranking when it comes to SEO and in addition this is favoured by Google. If you are an expert in your field than you already know what visitors are searching for and all that you need to do have articles written which express your knowledge as well as expertise.

Once the articles have been written it will be posted on the different internet sites such as ezine where people are able to gather your submission article for free and in turn publish it on their websites as a well written article is popular among other publishers. When another uses your article they have to link it to your website and if 500 people publish your article that means you will get 500 back links to your website.

If you are looking for someone else to write your articles or you already have many articles and you are not sure where to publish a submission article there are plenty of business services available that will do the job for you effectively as these services are well experienced in using articles as part of their marketing strategy.

Articles submissions submitted to different directories give the website owner credibility as well as high traffic from the submissions site. This also affords one instant back links that immediately boost SEO rankings. Beside short term benefits there are also long term benefits by other publishers using your articles as this will increase your yearly profits. It is simple as the more articles you write and the more directories your submission article reaches the more money your make it is that simple.

However in spite of this being a simple procedure effectively this takes far longer for article submissions to be made than the actual research and writing of the articles. If you are submitting say one article to 60 different directories this would take you many hours as logging into every directory and submitting the article is a slow and painful process.

When faced with such a dilemma there are submission article services that will submit your articles to a huge list of directories which will allow you to spend more time writing your articles. There are many marketing automation solutions that work and will also update the websites frequently so that you

can be on the most up to date directories on the web.

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