Bollywood industry getting huge recognition in international market

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Posted: 07252008
Author: suresh
Category: Movies and music

Bollywood the name itself tells us that it is name given to Bombay film industry which is having highest viewers in the world and also produces films in market terms that create some kind of challenge to Hollywood. In spite of its large contribution english cinema does not really have any distinctive status. Due to Oscars most European films are getting recognition and reaching global audience otherwise they too are viewed within the country of origin. Most of the remaining parts of world watch French, Italian and Polish films that concentrate on art and culture and they does not really make any good money in other parts of world.

Indian cinema on the other hand not only rules in its home country but also viewed in other parts like Middle East, South East Asia and even Africa. Even thought most of them do not understand the language they are familiar with the films and actors. Generally most of the bollywood movies are watched worldwide as Indian population is more through out the world. Indian movie lover watch bollywood movies though they are made in similar way. It is said that on daily basis fourteen million indian’s go to the movies to watch over 800 films produced each year that is more than double the number of movies produced in United States. Bollywood movies are produced more than 1,000 a year and are watched by 3.6 billion audiences. The countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh are also having high number of viewers even after watching indian movies was official ban by the government.

Based on analysis bollywood movies now make good money in UK and US as they are produced more in number throughout the year and also due to huge NRI population. Hollywood is also trying to make its influence on Asian country but it could only make its influence on some metro city in India with its blockbuster hits like Titanic, Jurassic park etc. The US films in India are estimated to be 150 in a year which is no way comparable to bollywood movies production each year.

In this globalized world it is expected that there will be a sharing of knowledge which is already done between Hollywood and bollywood. Movies in hindi are dubbed from Hollywood movies and there titles changed. This dubbing business has become big with american’s dominating the business and a small extent is contributed by Indians. Some film making aspects are also outsourced to bombay

This tells us indian film industry is getting a good recognition in global market and is
Becoming more and more conventional around the world.

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