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Posted: 01202008
Author: Erik
Category: Bodybuilding and fitness

A lot of our goals that we generate in life require some sort of plan. In fact I cannot think of one that doesn’t. If I have a goal that I want to achieve and don’t plan it out I don’t usually achieve it. In this case; with fitness, many people want to look like their dreams, but without some sort of plan on getting there, its going to be very hard to attain.

The starting point on the map begins with a goal; sit down with yourself, and figure out your long-term goal. It’s in your head, now that we know what we want in the long term, we need to somehow breakdown this goal down into a short-term goal(s). An intensity level also needs to be put into play; write down “medium” if it is something more intense within a shorter amount of time. For example “learn to run 4 miles a day in two months from your current state”. Today you can only run 1 mile and you get exhausted, this is where we implement the short-term goals. The short-term goals could be to set up a routine where you can practice your running endurance daily. Its now time to understand the principles you will need to get your there.

Universally Adapt- In periods of training, exercise will give you the greatest results. Its something that you want to push yourself at doing, but don’t push yourself to far, or you will collapse. Think of it this way, an average person is observing a yoga move, which has to do with some sort of intense stretching. This person then goes home and attempts the stretch; he/she then pulls one of their muscles and needs surgery because they failed to practice the moves. The world wasn’t built in a day, it was built in seven; try to think this way when your trying to achieve something.

Spell Out What You Are Thinking- Begin your training with a common attitude, then once you have past that, move up a little, and a little. A bodybuilder that is building strength starts with a certain weight, and then he gradually increases this weight while his muscles are growing over time.

Don’t Overload! – Like I mentioned earlier with the yoga example. Do not get lazy, and “go for it” you will hurt yourself, and you will not get to where you want, and “times a wasting”. If you treat time with respect you will earn it.
It’s also a good idea to observe other people that are experiencing your goal. If you can see someone doing what you want to do, they have the ultimate wisdom of how to achieve it. It doesn’t hurt to ask for tips. A lot of professional athletes have learned this way, usually they had a dad or an older brother to look up to.

The other thing to understand is to be happy while you’re on your journey to your goal. It should be fun and exciting, there will be times when you want to give up and quit, but think of your time as your ultimate currency and if you quit you will have wasted precious time, or think of it as the rain, it will soon pass. This map that you make however should not be treated with extreme anxiety, do not feel like you have just broken a law if you fail to do something in a certain day; remember “if you fall all you can do is get back up” and everyone falls…

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