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Posted: 07212007
Author: Brad Myers, Certified PGA Professional
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Sergio Garcia is lighting up the greens at The Open Championship with a long putter today. What length of putter is right for you? How do you find the correct length for you?

Conventional Putter

A conventional putter would be 36 inches or shorter. To insure the putter fits properly, take your stance while the sole (bottom) the putter. Your eyes should be over the ball. Check this by dropping another ball from in-between your eyes while taking your putting stance. This ball from between your eyes should hit the ball on the green.

Next, allow your arms to freely hang and take your grip. Once comfortable, this should reveal your proper putter length.

”The rule of thumb is: If you can use a conventional putter, then use a conventional one” Bill Craig, Head Professional at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center in Houston, TX.

The Belly Putter/ The Long Putter

The Belly Putter or Long Putter would be 37 inches or longer. The belly or Lon Putter attaches to your body to insure a pendulum stroke while eliminating wrist movement. Many players who use this style do so because they have been challenged by “the yips” or as Sergio said after his round today “I just wanted to try something different.”

Fitting the length of a belly or a long putter is much more personal than the conventional one. Your eye-line will be “inside” the ball due to the length of the shaft. The sole of the putter needs to lie flat on the green. You will need to try many different lengths as all of us are built differently. Unfortunately, trial by error is the best way to find the proper length for the belly or long putter. Your local PGA Professional can help you with this.

The main advantages of the longer putter length are

1. is anchored against the body

2.wrist action is minimized.

The main disadvantages that are discussed are

1. feel is reduced

2. distance control is more difficult.

Which putter length is right for you? Take the time and use these tips to find the correct length for you. If you have any other questions, contact a local PGA Professional.

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