Money saving tips for hiring a nanny

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Posted: 09042009
Author: Keith Macgregro
Category: Parenting

Childcare in London is an expensive but necessary cost for those who rely on it. It is also an extremely important decision and getting the right type of childcare is essential.

For many parents, hiring a nanny is an ideal situation for looking after their young children. However, it can be very costly, not to mention time consuming. If a nanny is not the right fit, it can lead to further problems going through the process repeatedly to find the right person. Many busy working parents simply do not have the time and energy to continually recruit for the same position. It can also be extremely disruptive and unsettling for the children involved.

Below are some ways to minimise the cost and time you spend on hiring a nanny.


Finding a nanny through your group of friends, colleagues and acquaintances is often a great way to source one. It is extremely cost effective and you will receive first hand references regarding the nannies work ethic, style, personality etc. Just keep in mind that all families bring up their children differently so 'what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander' as they say!

Nanny Share

In this economic climate, you might find that you can save a great deal by buddying up with another family and sharing the cost/time of a nanny. Nanny sharing can work brilliantly but communication is key. Ensure a contract is in place and finalise any money issues, especially where the nannies wages are concerned. Issues may crop up regarding the nanny's tax and co-operation on both sides is needed to ensure the process runs smoothly and fairly.

Be Flexible

A nanny who has had proper training and qualifications is often the preferred choice by parents, primarily because they have had professional training to care for children in the early years bracket. However, non-qualified nannies with many years experience and a passion for nurturing young children can often be worth their weight in gold. Occasionally they can be a more affordable option too.


It is not always necessary to spend money advertising in local magazines/newspapers etc. This can be costly and may not always attract the right person for you. You can try putting a flyer in your local gym, coffee shop, community hall etc. Always ask before you do, but notice boards can be a terrific way to find someone who lives locally.

Use an Agency

A childcare or nanny agency London can often be the best way to source your perfect nanny. It can be more costly, as an agency will charge you a fee for their services, but a good agency will certainly save you the time and hopefully remove the stress! A nanny agency in your town or city should have a large database of local nannies who they will match you up with depending on what you are looking for. A reputable agency will also ensure any nanny they send to interview will be fully reference checked and will likely have an up-to-date CRB (Police Check). It is important to do a little homework and find a reputable agency. Look out to see if they are members of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) who regulate the industry and promote professional practice.

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