Where have all the caddies gone

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Posted: 12102007
Author: Stephen M. Hollingsworth
Category: Hobbies and sports

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The origin of golf may be debatable but what has made golf rise above any other sport has been its unimpaired integrity and its richness in tradition. Those elements have been the building blocks of golf, they have stood the test of time, and they are the ingredients that have been stirring the passion in every golfer since that first pebble was struck with a stick many centuries ago.

Just the mention of golf stimulates a golfer’s obsession, a fixation that is inherited through images of St. Andrews and Bobby Jones but one figure that has always laid silent in the background was that of the faithful caddy. The caddy was the mentor, the person who had every bunker and every roll of the green sculptured in their mind, the faithful companion on the course that every golfer depended on, they were there to share in that one great shot that we all strived for and secretly wished to be shared.

Now, the revival of the caddy is slowing starting to re-emerge, they have always been on the tour and at the “Bushwoods” in our cities but now with the support from organizations like the Professional Caddy Association (PCA) and the recent announcement of the partnership between Hookers N Slicers, llc and Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls, the average “Joe” golfer is being given the opportunity to play golf the way it was intended, they are being given a chance to live one of golf’s finest traditions.

So, where have the Caddies gone? They have always been here; they have stood the test of time but have gone unnoticed by many because of their willingness to stand in the shadows of the golfer and their unwillingness to take praise for calling the perfect shot. Now it’s our turn to give back and help in the movement to recognize the caddy for what they have given us for some many centuries. So, support the PCA and if you’re planning a golf vacation, turn back to a page in history, play the game the way it was meant to be played and request a caddy. It will change the way you see the game forever.

Stephen M. Hollingsworth is a Managing Partner for Hookers N Slicers, llc, a golf travel company who has made it their business to try and create that perfect golfing experience. More Information can be found at hookersnslicers.com or myrtlebeachgolfbyhns.com.

Just the mention of golf stimulates a golfer’s passion that was inherited through images of St. Andrews and Bobby Jones but one image that always laid silent in the background was that of the faithful caddy.

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