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Posted: 10182007
Author: Uday Patel
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When you look forward to see the endangered tiger in India you are in for a wild tiger safari. The best thing is happening to you for you are in for watching amazing Indian wildlife and Indian birds. Do book your tiger tour in advance. Look for a travel agent India that caters for ecotourism since they are well versed in offering package tours that are suitable for a tiger safari.

The best places to see tiger are in Central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh at Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench tiger reserves. The other place you can expect to see tiger is the Ranthambhore National Park and Corbett but the first three offer the best tiger sighting in India.

These sanctuaries also offer the finest birding to a bird watcher interested in Indian birds. They harbor around 250 plus bird species with Corbett leading with around five hundred plus Indian bird species including winter migrants.

Bandhavgarh is the most enchanting tiger heaven on earth with unique charismatic landscape and historical ruins, ancient caves and monuments as fort, dungeons and exotic temples and zoomorphic statues of Lord Vishnu. It harbors the maximum number of tigers in a given area in whole of India.

Kanha is renowned world famous national park where zoologists like George Schaller conducted successful study that was instrumental in saving the Bengal tiger and the Hard ground barasingha or the swamp deer (Cervus duavcelli branderi). Kanha harbors a large number of mammals, reptiles, birds and insect species with amazing array of butterflies to impress a wildlife lover, scientist and the visiting tourist as well.

Pench tiger reserve is the Mowgli land where Mowgli the wolf child was discovered and made famous eventually by Rudyard Kipling in his “Jungle Book”. The Pench River intersects through the forest in turn sheltering amazing biodiversity and wildlife in its folds. The forests are dry deciduous types and are famous for birds as well as the tiger.

All three are accessible from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and are nearly equidistance from the town.

Uday is a wildlife lover and writes on tigers and Indian wildlife. He also writes on Indian birds being an ornithologist.

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